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Q: How much does Globsy cost?

Globsy is available free and open-source. We do accept donations though, so if you feel that Globsy has been beneficial, or that you have enjoyed using it, donations are welcome.

Q: Where can I get Globsy from?

Click on the download link above, and follow the green "Download" images at the Sourceforge website.

Q: What do I need to run Globsy?

You need a computer with:
  • An internet connection
  • Apache (or similar) HTTP Server (Windows users may want to look at WAMP, Linux, use package managers to install apache and php5)
  • PHP (5 or higher, 4 is likely to encounter errors)
  • CURL
  • And TLS Support (Such as OpenSSL)

Q: How do I run Globsy?

Extract Globsy to either your public_html folder, or (for WAMP users) your already configured web folder. Linux users, use http://localhost/~username/(path to public_html, in your root). For example, /home/username/public_html/globsy, the url is http://localhost/~username/globsy

Q: How do I configure Globsy?

Edit the globsy_config.php file.

Q: Where can I find further documentation on Globsy?

Look at the contents of each file. Each file has a descriptor at the start which details the purpose of the file and how to use its contents. If that doesn't help, try using the example (RSS Aggregator) to help you get started.

Q: Where do I go if I'm having a problem?

The forums (see the above link

The Globsy forums can be found over at our project page.
Either click on the Sourceforge logo, or click here to go.

Globsy is Copyright © 2006 (Under LGPL License), by Michael "mEo" Sena.

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